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Testing devices and benches

As special hydraulic applications, we develop and manufacture (special-purpose) test equipment designed for special stress applications. Our specialty is hydraulic testing stands, such as pulsating devices (testing rooms) for long-term testing of the durability of standardized products or prototypes with acting simultaneously internal overpressure, influence of changing temperature of the flowing liquid and loading of the product by vibration in two axes. Our pulsation devices and testing rooms, developed and manufactured by us, have our own control system, which can also include real-time visualization and optional saving of pulsation history. Our test rooms are stand-alone island systems without the need for constant monitoring. However, the test rooms can also be connected to local networks and monitor their functions and detected parameters with remote access. By connecting the test equipment and test rooms to the network it also facilitates their regular monitoring of running stress tests.

These test benches, where the load parameters are controlled by a computer in real time by an adaptive control loop, are delivered mainly to the test laboratories of the automotive industry, but also to university research institutions, research institutes or Czech branches of multinational corporations.


                                                      Pulsation devices

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