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Our company PKS servis spol. s r.o. has been developing and manufacturing a wide range of customized test devices according to customer requirements for over 20 years. These devices are designed for long-term endurance tests, pressure or mechanical resistance test, but also the tightness and functionality of the required test product. We are able to produce mobile or stationary device for testing prototypes for mass-produced components as well.

Especially we deals with design and manufacturing special hydraulic testing devices, such as pulsating devices for long-term testing of the standardized products, or their prototypes by cyclic internal overpressure and internal overpressure with external temperature. We are based on years of experience from our own development The main utilization is the state of stress simulation of the tested products as close as possible to real conditions in practice.The device is used to measure quantities within the device. The basic testing room module contains equipment for testing products with pressure pulses of sine or trapezoidal shape. The testing devices are controlled by the designed software and controllerb tailored to costumer demands. The Software which except the analytical function (accurate display of pressures and waveforms) evaluates the test statistically, ie the number of pulses, monitoring pressure limits and storing history with the possibility to create reports, etc.

Our testing rooms are stand-alone systems without the need to constant inspection. Testing rooms can be connected to local networks and with remote access they can monitor their functions and detected parameters. By connecting the test equipment and test facilities to the network, it also facilitates their regular monitoring of ongoing stress tests.

Testing devices Duratest

These test benches, where the load parameters are controlled by a computer in real-time via an adaptive control loop, are delivered mainly to automotive testing laboratories, but also to the university research institutes, research institutes or branches of multinational corporations.

Do not hesitate to contact us. If you want to look at some of our devices, then do not hesitate to look at REFERENCES realizations.

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