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  • Devices for destruction tests        (burst tests)

The test devices serves for testing three main types of tests. The first is the pulse test, the second is the measurement of the pressure drop at high flow, and the last is the measurement of power and efficiency.

The basic module contains equipment for testing products with pressure pulses of sinusoidal or trapezoidal shape. The device is controlled by LabView software and controller, which in addition to the analytical function (accurate display of pressures and waveforms) evaluates the test statistically, i.e. the number of pulses, monitoring pressure limits and storing history with the possibility to create reports, etc.

The secondary circuit is filled with a defined liquid and contains elements for ensuring the following functions:

  • - Filling the secondary circuit with working liquid from the tank
    - Bleeding the circuit (ie displacing excess air)
    - Filling the sample
    - Bleeding the sample
    - Emptying sample after test
    - Emptying the circuit from the working fluid
    - Pressure control (via hydraulic circuit)
    - Temperature regulation
    - Flow control
    - Recording of pressures, flows and temperatures

Zařízení pro destrukční testy

The plunger of the secondary (test) circuit compresses / forces the fluid in and out of the circuit as it moves. Controlled movement causes a defined pressure change according to the input curve. The secondary circuit thus allows stress of the sample by pressure pulses under the simultaneous action of a defined liquid at the temperature.


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