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Pulsation devices are equipped with an autonomous control system, which guarantees:

  • - Device visualization, view of the current state of individual parts
  • - Adaptation of management due to changing:
  •            - the temperature of the medium, the environment, flexible of the samples
  • - Saving of measured parameters
  • - User-friendly operation
  • - Easy change of measuring elements, possibility of calibration adjustment


Pulsation devices are designed for destructive testing of parts by internal overpressure with the possibility of loading other physical quantities as temperature both inside the part (medium temperature) and outside the tested parts (ambient temperature), acceleration (vibration). In case of internal temperature load it is necessary to ensure that the test part is walkthrough and heat exchange can occur.

The shape of the compressive load is sinusoidal and trapezoidal. 


Pulsation devices


  • SINGLECIRCUIT - power load, pressere load
  • DOUBLE CIRCUIT - pressure test with testing liquid
    • Without heating
    • With heating of test liquid without thermo-chambers 
    • With heating of test liquid with thermo-chambers
  • Testing devices
  • Lowpressure
  • High pressure
  • Combine
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